Kristen Baird


We are an award-winning, fine jewelry brand, perfectly nestled in historic Savannah, Georgia, at Signature Gallery right between the moss-covered oak trees and a glass of sweet tea.

While our city is picturesque and laid back, here, at Kristen Baird®, we are on a mission! Our mission is to offer a customer-focused experience, while presenting jewelry collections that are not only beautifully designed and skillfully handcrafted, but also bursting with passion, heart and a touch of Southern charm.  We want our pieces to speak to you and be relevant to every moment in your life that tells a story.

Drawing inspiration from my southern upbringing (think summer days spent frolicking in the fields, working in the gardens with my Nanny, laughing until our sides hurt, as we ran and played in the sunset), I inject my work with colors and textures, juxtaposing forms both geometric and fluid, as though the designs might have sprung organically from the serene coastline of Georgia or the glorious hills of Tennessee. Each heirloom-worthy piece contains an authentic feeling of happiness and joy, a sense of nostalgia and an essence of freedom.

We believe in combining ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones with metals of the highest quality, as we utilize and preserve traditional metalsmithing skills to bring our handcrafted designs to life.

Visit Signature Gallery today and allow a piece of Kristen’s jewelry to speak to you!